Josh + Reaghan//Calgary Summer Wedding

To say that this day had a crazy beginning would be an understatement. I didn’t know I’d be photographing it until a few days before, so I was incredibly nervous. How could I capture authentic moments with a couple that I had never met? Wouldn’t they be awkward around me? 

Little did I know that Josh + Reaghan are two of the sweetest, kindest, and most welcoming people. Despite the fact that their original photographer had to find a replacement less than a week before due to an accident (he’s okay now!), J + R were so chill and calm at their rehearsal. They believed in me, and were just too excited to be getting married the next day that nothing could bring them down.

Their energy brought them an incredible day. From the tear-jerking first look with her dad to the intimate taking of communion, this day was full of purpose. Nothing was done without intention and heart. The bridal party was full of their closest friends and family, and the speeches given really showed how special Josh and Reaghan are to their loved ones. I was crying along with them!

Thank you both for trusting me with your day. It was such a wonderful experience photographing you two.

xoxo Ashley

Videographer: Gary Lewis

Hair: Amanda Schafer

Make-up: Kara Noel

Dress: Jessica Belle Rykiss Bridal 

Suits: Alimansuits 

Ceremony: Westlife Church 

Reception: Crescent Heights Community Hall 

Catering: Cherrywood Forno


Ashley Lazette